Web-based program appears effective with insomnia

University of Virginia researchers have published a piece in the Archives of Journal of General Psychiatry that examined an Internet-based behavioral intervention for adults with insomnia.

They found that insomnia severity, wake after sleep onset and sleep efficiency all significantly improved for two thirds of those receiving the Web-based program while none of the individuals in the control group changed over time. The idea behind the research was straightforward: insomnia is a major problem, cognitive behavioral therapy is the best known treatment for insomnia, cognitive behavioral therapy is neither not available, because of cost or the location of practitioners to many people and that the Internet could be used as a conduit to deliver the treatment. The question was really only whether the treatment would work over the Internet and whether the Internet-based programs could be tailored to the individual client.

One of the researchers, Lee M. Ritterband, Ph.D, speaks about it in the video below.

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