Swan diving

Oh, yeah ... swan divers always go mad
- my friend, Liz Kelley, on those of us who love and live to the point of madness and seem to believe that it is the only sensible way to either love or live.

Sitting across from one of my most creativity, thoughtful, helpful, self-aware and troubled clients last week, I thought of this quotation. She's a swam diver. In everything in life -- the beauty, the ball, the gray -- she swan dives, sometimes in her own best interest and for her own thrill. Sometimes between that's what swans do. That's how they eat. Those who they get their nourishment. As like swans dive because that is where we the door dive, swan divers like her and me do it because that's where we find our nourishment. Its in healthy? I don't know, but it seems, sometimes, the only way for us to live.

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