Having lunch or being lunch?

The last two weeks have had me repeating a phrase that I learned many years ago from my high school journalism teacher, the astute and sapient Anne Sharp, when we either
came across or created an image to represent the dangers of school administrators attempting to spin us, the student newspaper.

The final image was of upright tiger wearing a brim hand with a card on it reading "press." The tiger was sitting in front of a picnic basket on a blanket and a person was sitting across from them. The caption read something like (and I'm sure we got the quote from somewhere; I just can't remember), "Doing business with the press is a bit like having lunch with a tiger, you don't know whether you are having lunch or you are the lunch." For those disinclined to my wrapping, winding, wreathing stories, I simplified the principle behind why I don't like doing media interviews, "Once you've been bitten by a tiger, you are a little hesitant to stick your head in its mouth."

My brief two weeks back in the media spotlight has not been a utter disaster, but, alas, I am ready for it to be done, and get back to the work of advocacy and life coaching.

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