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A Spring in Our Steps from the Daggers in Our Hearts

I had a spring in my step this morning that had been absent for so long that it took me a moment to recognize that light, blissful feeling I felt.

As I walked down our long driveway to pick up my copy of the Sunday New York Times, I literally took in the smell of the cherry blossom petals that lined my path as I marveled with them with my eyes.  The afternoon before it was raining outside. That rain was just as responsible for petals on my path as the wind that was still blowing. As the rain came down the day before, I was 48 miles to the east, at a funeral only a few blocks from the Potomac River.

Ralph Waldo Emerson once wrote, "We do not live an equal life, but one of contrasts and
patchwork; now a little joy; then a sorrow; now a sin; then a generous brave action."

Life is a journey in contrasts.

Just like my weekend.

A few hours after taking in the beauty of my driveway, I was at our local grocery store. As I rounded the corner into the dairy aisle, I noticed a…

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