WebMD Visits for Feature on Peers helping Peers

A film crew from WebMD - the award-winning website that blends expertise in medicine, journalism, communication and content - came by this morning to record an interview with me and shadow me for a day as I worked with clients. It was exciting. Along with the Mayo Clinic, WebMD has some of the most clear, comprehensive and evidence-based information on mental health on the Web. The WebMD film crew met me a little after 6:15 am and followed me through my morning routines, including taking medicine, to the office for a case management meeting, then a two-hour IEP meeting for a student at a high school, two sessions with clients at the office and then the sit-down interview. Two clients -- one with attention deficit disorder and one bipolar disorder -- and several colleagues -- including Dr. Bill Ling, a noted nueropsychologist and Dr. Maggie Avedisian, a top-flight psychologist for adults and adolescents -- agreed to be filmed by the WebMD crew. Details on when the film will be available will be forthcoming but the focus appears to be on people with mental illnesses -- in this case, bipolar disorder -- helping others mental illnesses, and it the film crew told me that they have interviewed Patty Duke, among others.

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