Mach-2 career testing

So, I broke my own record for career evaluation, testing, interpretation, report writing and feedback yesterday. A client who is a college student at the University of Virginia and first met me in January came in to be tested at 10 am on Monday and I was able to interpret, write and report and discuss the results with her by 6 pm on Thursday. We had to get it done before she returned to school from Spring Break and it was a whirlwind process. The best part of the process was how much the testing results and recommendations, despite the short amount of time for analysis and writing, rang true for the client, her brother (a former client), her mother and others in her life. This all makes me think of how far we have come in the area of career testing. I've been able to help high school and college students, corporate executives, mid-level managers, government workers, clerical workers, para-professionals, professionals (even a medical doctor) and all sorts of others over the last year figure out what they want to do, pick the right undergraduate and graduate schools and get jobs that really work for them. It's been nice!

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