Theraputic boarding schools lunch

Had lunch today at a practice where I am a contractor with John Grego, a counselor and admissions official, at the Greenbriar Academy for Girls. I have been increasingly impressed by the therapeutic boarding schools for high school students and college students that are a welcome alternative to some of the wilderness programs -- not all wilderness programs are bad -- where my clients have had trouble. My attraction to these schools came first from seeing the teenagers and young adults with bipolar who had benefited from them in the Depression Bipolar Support Alliance-Northern Virginia group I facilitated in Centreville. Greenbriar is located in a valley of the Appalachian Mountain range, offers strong academic programs, equestrian therapeutic programs, one-on-one counseling, case management and medication management. John invited me to come down to the school and to give a talk to the staff and counselors. I'm looking forward to doing so.

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